Sailing Holiday Information


Holidays afloat are great fun for children, but keep the passages short, allow plenty of swimming and beach time and bring toys, books and games. Safety on board is the primary concern: ensure you have life jackets or buoyancy aids which are the correct size for your children. Child netting is an optional extra in some locations, and is great for toddlers. If you have any concerns about bringing young children, please discuss them with us.  

Cruise Planning  

Your holiday pack will include information on the destination, and a location map or instructions. Each bareboat yacht is provided with a full set of charts and the standard pilot guides for the area, and the briefing you receive on arrival will include information on the cruising grounds.  

Embarkation & Disembarkation

Embarkation time on yachts is normally 17.00: you will not usually be able to board earlier, as base staff require a full day to clean and service the yachts. A full technical yacht and area breifing will take place the following moring, after which you will be free to depart at leisure. At the end of your holiday, you will be asked to check in to the marina by 17.00 on the evening before departure, so that debriefing and inventory checks can be carried out. Disembarkation is normally at 08.30.


Non-perishable provisions can be ordered in advance at most locations, and delivered to your yacht. You will receive the order form with your final holiday pack, and should pay for your shopping on arrival in local currency. In most places you can buy all the provisions you require – take anything which is essential for your survival, but no meat or dairy products.


The most common complaints are sunburn, insect bites and tummy upsets. Prevention is better than cure: high factor sun lotion, insect repellent, and bottled water. Should you have a more serious problem, in most towns you will find English speaking pharmacists and doctors. For advice on immunisations, or on the risk of deep vein thrombosis when travelling by air, contact your own doctor.

Travel Insurance

Insurance is an absolute must for all travellers. Our colleagues at TopSail Insurance have policies tailored for sailing holidays that cover both UK and EU residents. For a quotation please visit our link here.

Airport Parking & Hotels  

Top Yacht have obtained advantageous rates for airport parking, hotels and lounges across the UK, via our colleagues at Holiday Extras. These can be booked directly with us.

Responsible Tourism

We aim to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and minimise pollution. We also respect local cultures and benefit local communities. We ask our clients to observe a few simple rules: do not dispose of rubbish at sea or ashore other than in designated facilities, do not empty your holding tank in coastal waters, do not harass wildlife, use sails rather than engines, and respect and support the local communities by dressing and behaving appropriately, visiting restaurants and cultural sites, and buying local produce and handicrafts.

How to Book

Please call or email us to discuss the options, choose the most suitable yacht, and check availability and price for the dates and location you require. For most locations we have to confirm first with our partners. A provisional booking will be held for 7 days, until we receive your completed Reservation Form and booking deposit. We will then send your confirmation invoice which you should check carefully.